Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Hip Hop Abs Workouts

There are four main workouts to Hip Hop Abs, first there is the Secrets To Flat Abs. In this session Shaun will teach you his own secrets to the tilt, tuck, and tighten ab-flattening, this workout targets your upper and lower abs, and it is around 13 minutes long.  The next dvd is Fat Burning Cardio, this workout is made for burning calories, shedding fat, and getting that six pack you always wanted, and you do to Hip Hop music, so it's fun, this dvd is 30 minutes long.  Thirdly is the Ab Sculpt dvd, Shaun continues to show you his moves that will deliver the flat, toned stomach you want, with dance moves that target and improve your abs. 25 minutes long.  The last workout is Total Body Burn, this is exactly what the title says it is, a total body cardio workout.  The fat will just melt off your body, and get rid of those problem areas for a leaner body. This is a 45 minute workout.  As a bonus you also get the Hips, buns, and thighs dvd, and another 5 minute ab blasting dvd.  If you already have Hip Hop abs, then try Shaun T Rockin Body

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