Friday, September 03, 2010

Best Workouts To Lose WEight

So summer time is finally here, unfortunately you just looked in the mirror and you're not happy with the way you look. Well, don't waist anymore time! You still have time to lose some pounds before the summer is over. There are many workouts for you to choose from that will help you lose that extra weight. First things first, you need to change your eating habit, you can lose five pounds easy by just changing the way you eat. After you start eating healthy, it will greatly benefit you if you create a workout plan.

So what type of workout plan should you start? You should definitely involve three main things. Resistance training, Cardio, and Interval training.

If you do not have any dumbbells or weights, then you are still okay! You can do body resistance training instead. Body resistance training is excellent for your body, and the main benefit of body resistance training is that you will not bulk up. You will not have to worry about looking like The Hulk. Body resistance training includes any sort of push ups, pull ups, chin ups, lounges, squats, calf raises, burpees, and anything else you can find to do that does not involve weights. If you have some weights, then you can do full body workouts with your weights, just make sure you do less weight and more repetitions so you do not bulk up.

I know you hate it, but you need it! Cardiovascular workouts are very essential to your weight loss success. Cardio will improve your lungs and help you burn calories. When doing cardio you can walk, run, hike, or bicycle. These cardio workouts are usually long distance, so make sure you pace yourself. If you have a treadmill handy then use it, because it will be easier on your knees, if you have an elliptical around that is even easier on your knees.

Interval training, is something most people do not do, but they highly need too. If you are not sure what interval training is, then let me explain. Interval training is short burst of energy and rest periods. So lets say you are going on a jog, you then decide to sprint for 30 seconds and then return to a jog, and do that over and over again around 12 times or until you are to your destination, that is interval training. This is what athletes do, and it is a big reason why they are in great shape. Interval training will help you not only burn calories during your workout, but also after you are finished. You body continues to benefit from interval training after you are cool is that!

If you do not have time, or you need some guidance with your workout routines, then you can always get an in-home workout routine. There are plenty to choose from that will help you lose weight. If you are interested in interval training, then you can do Turbo Fire Workout, or Insanity Workout. If you are looking for some more resistance training then check out P90x, ChaLean Extreme, and Slim in 6. All of these workouts have a pretty good balance of everything, so you really cannot go wrong.

Thursday, July 01, 2010

Turbo Fire and Body Gospel

Body Gospel and the Turbo Fire Workout are two new workout DVD sets that are going to rock the fat off your body. Both of these workouts are coming out this year in 2010. In fact, Body Gospel is already released and ready for you to order. The Turbo Fire Workout is set to be released on July 18th, and expects to be a huge hit. These workouts are both great workouts and depending on what type of workout you want, they can meet your needs.

The Body Gospel workout incorporates intense cardio and resistance band training. It comes with 6 fat melting workout, plus one bonus workout that will help you get in shape. With the Body Gospel workouts you will be focusing on your core, hips, tummy, legs, arms, chest, with full body workouts and some incredible stretching workouts to help keep those muscles healthy. The Body Gospel workout is a 30-day routine that will be easy to commit too, but will be a challenge for your body in ways you need to be challenged.

Donna Richardson is our personal trainer in the Gospel Body workout. She is a hall of famer physical fitness guru, serving under the Bush administrative for fitness over the nation. Donna will push you and help you get in the best shape of your life. The Body Gospel Workout is great for those who have faith and enjoy listening to gospel music.

The Turbo Fire Workout is not your ordinary workout routine. This is going to be an extreme fitness routine, which will help you get rid of that lingering fat and help expose your muscles. Turbo Fire comes with 12 intense workouts that will use interval training and body resistance to help tone your muscles and burn fat. Chalene Johnson will guide you through 90-days of working out to help you achieve your maximum results.
The Turbo fire workout comes packed with the tools you need to be successful. It comes with a nutrition guide, a fitness guide, a measuring tape, resistance bands, and a 5 day inferno plan.

The TurboFire Workout will definitely have high intensity workouts, which will have the feel of a workout class at the gym. This workout will make you feel like you are going to the gym to take a specialty class, and it will feel like Chalene Johnson is right in your home pushing and challenging you. Turbo Fire is said to be the new and one of the best workout routines out there. It will only take 90-days for you to get in the best shape of your life.

Both of these workouts are going to be great, and both of these workouts will challenge you and help you burn fat. You need to decide which workout is best for you. Make sure you always consult your physician before starting one of these workouts, and always do the proper warms up on the DVDs. Body Gospel and Turbo Fire are definitely the two new workouts that everyone needs to get.

Monday, February 08, 2010

Encourage Weight Loss With Interval Training

People are always wondering how to burn fat and burn it quickly. Unfortunately, most people have the wrong idea about burning fat. They feel that the best way to burn fat and get toned is by running on the treadmill all the time. Do not get me wrong, running is very important, and is an affective way to burn fat, but it is not the best way to burn fat.

The best workout you can do to burn fat is Interval training. What is Interval Training? Interval training is known as high burst of energy for a short period of time, and then a rest period. The goal is to get your heart rate up quickly with the high burst of energy, and then let your heart rate come down during the rest period. During those high bursts of energy you are giving everything you got, but do not stop moving when you are resting.

How does Interval training help you burn fat fast. The reason why working out in intervals works so well, is because it helps you build lean muscle mass. Muscle burns fat, but lean muscle mass will not make you bulky. Intervals will help you speed up your metabolism, so your body burns more through out the day even after your workout is over.

Some examples of interval training are wind sprints, and cycling. I encourage you to find a great interval workout, or join a cycling class at the gym. They will help you get on your way to burning fat quickly.


Monday, January 18, 2010

Learning to Breath Correctly

From the first moment we enter this life we have been breathing, so why is it important to learn about breathing? Why do we need to learn about something that we have been doing all our lives? This might come as a surprise to you, but even though we have been breathing all our lives, it does not mean that we have been doing it properly. Its not that we are breathing wrong, but we could be breathing better.

Many people usually breath with shallow breathes, only drawing in short amounts of oxygen to the body. Short amounts of breathing does provide enough oxygen to allow our bodies to perform normally, but we are missing out on all the benefits of better breathing. Proper breathing can help your overall health, relaxation, and alertness. Stress is released when we learn how to breathe properly. We have become upper chest breathers, when we should be lower abdominal breathers.

By breathing in our lower abdominal and diaphragm, we allow more oxygen to release in the bloodstream and gets rid of carbon dioxide in the body. Deep breathing also allows you to have more energy throughout your day, by allowing the adrenal glands to relax.

So how can you breath more properly?

Breath through your nose and with your lips closed, this will allow your diaphragm to contract downward. Although it is your lungs that is filling up with air, but you should be seeing your abdominal move. Then exhale through your mouth, allowing your stomach to fall back into place. You do not have to breath like this all the time, but allow yourself breathing breaks to take in some deep breathes.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

The Importance of Core Workouts

We are always hearing about the "core", but what is the big deal about this thing called "the core." First lets talk about what actually makes up your core section.

Many people actually have no idea what the core actually is, those people think that the core is all about the sexy looking abs that everyone desires, but that is not all it contains. The core is where your center of gravity is. So that includes deep abdominals, hip flexors, glutes, and deep spinal muscles, lower back. There are actually 29 muscles that make up your core, and most people think that the only important part is the six-pack abs.

The core is very important! It is where your body begins movement, so if you have a good strong core, your movements will be more efficient and balanced. Resulting in a healthier body and maximum performance. So working out the core is definitely worth it! A healthy core will help you live longer and help you prevent common injuries that affect people who do not workout their core.

Core exercises should definitely be a part of your workout routine. Like any other area of your body, it is smart to workout the core every other day. Find workouts that target each section of the core and focus on those muscles, but make sure you give them a rest day to recover. You will probably be pretty sore the first week of your core workouts, but eventually that soreness will go away. By working out the core, you will find that you will be more equipped to do even normal everyday tasks.

Thursday, January 07, 2010

The Slendertone AB Belt Scam

There are a lot of things we see on the television; workout equipment has a huge market in the infomercial world. One particular piece of workout equipment that has busted on the scene is called the Slender tone Ab Belt. It is said to work out your abs and give you a six-pack by strapping on a belt that sends electric shocks to contract your muscles. The infomercials make it seem like it is a light piece of workout equipment, but does the slender tone Ab Belt actually work?

I wish I could tell you that this piece of equipment actually does work. I wish I could tell you that you can get great looking abs and lose weight just by strapping on this belt. But unfortunately, that is not the case. This is not the first time an Electric Ab Belt has broken out on the scene, and it is not the first time people have been fooled my this device.

If you listen carefully to the infomercial it says, that with a healthy diet and an exercise plan, you will see results. Well, of course you are going to see results, anyone who switches to a healthy diet and a workout plan is going to see results. The results that you get are not from the ab belt itself, but the change of diet and exercise.

Electric belts or pads are only good for muscles that have experienced an injury that has left them inactive for a while. But there is simply not nearly enough power in these ab belts to even recover an inactive muscle; they are only good for irritating the skin.