Thursday, January 14, 2010

The Importance of Core Workouts

We are always hearing about the "core", but what is the big deal about this thing called "the core." First lets talk about what actually makes up your core section.

Many people actually have no idea what the core actually is, those people think that the core is all about the sexy looking abs that everyone desires, but that is not all it contains. The core is where your center of gravity is. So that includes deep abdominals, hip flexors, glutes, and deep spinal muscles, lower back. There are actually 29 muscles that make up your core, and most people think that the only important part is the six-pack abs.

The core is very important! It is where your body begins movement, so if you have a good strong core, your movements will be more efficient and balanced. Resulting in a healthier body and maximum performance. So working out the core is definitely worth it! A healthy core will help you live longer and help you prevent common injuries that affect people who do not workout their core.

Core exercises should definitely be a part of your workout routine. Like any other area of your body, it is smart to workout the core every other day. Find workouts that target each section of the core and focus on those muscles, but make sure you give them a rest day to recover. You will probably be pretty sore the first week of your core workouts, but eventually that soreness will go away. By working out the core, you will find that you will be more equipped to do even normal everyday tasks.

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