Monday, January 18, 2010

Learning to Breath Correctly

From the first moment we enter this life we have been breathing, so why is it important to learn about breathing? Why do we need to learn about something that we have been doing all our lives? This might come as a surprise to you, but even though we have been breathing all our lives, it does not mean that we have been doing it properly. Its not that we are breathing wrong, but we could be breathing better.

Many people usually breath with shallow breathes, only drawing in short amounts of oxygen to the body. Short amounts of breathing does provide enough oxygen to allow our bodies to perform normally, but we are missing out on all the benefits of better breathing. Proper breathing can help your overall health, relaxation, and alertness. Stress is released when we learn how to breathe properly. We have become upper chest breathers, when we should be lower abdominal breathers.

By breathing in our lower abdominal and diaphragm, we allow more oxygen to release in the bloodstream and gets rid of carbon dioxide in the body. Deep breathing also allows you to have more energy throughout your day, by allowing the adrenal glands to relax.

So how can you breath more properly?

Breath through your nose and with your lips closed, this will allow your diaphragm to contract downward. Although it is your lungs that is filling up with air, but you should be seeing your abdominal move. Then exhale through your mouth, allowing your stomach to fall back into place. You do not have to breath like this all the time, but allow yourself breathing breaks to take in some deep breathes.

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