Friday, April 24, 2009

Life After The P90x Workout

It has been just a little over 2 months since I finished the P90x fitness routine, so I thought it would be cool to do a follow up to tell people where I am at now and what i am doing. Since i finished the P90x routine I have continued my healthy life endeavor, although I took a little break from working out after i finished, I have picked it back up and improved my health. A week after I completed the P90x routine, I left for two weeks to Honduras. In Honduras I helped with making sidewalks for a school, it was an extremely tough job, because we had to mix the concrete with shovels. The sidewalks combined were probably about 40 to 50 yards long and each about 8 feet wide. We mixed over 100 bags of concrete. The reason I am tell you this, is because I am not sure if I would have been able to work like I did, if I did not do the P90x workout. It seriously prepared me for that hard and back breaking job.

After the trip I got sick and lost ten pounds. Even though that it is not the ideal way on how I want to lose weight, I did not mind it happening. A week after I got back from Honduras I started going back to the gym and working out. I have a few friends that I do workouts with, and I still continue to go to the gym. In the last few weeks I have started another 90 day workout program called Chalean Extreme. It was a really tough decision for me, because I was not sure if I wanted to commit myself to another in-home workout routine like P90x, but I decided to bite the bullet and went for it.

I am around 3 weeks into the Chalean Extreme Fitness Routine and I have enjoyed it. In my opinion it is easier than P90x, but everything is. What I really enjoy about this workout, is that the sessions are only about 30 to 45 long. The P90x sessions were around an hour to an hour and a half. I still feel like I am getting challenged and pushed with Chalean Extreme even in it's 30 minutes. I have been writing my own Chalean Extreme Reviews on my other blog, and letting people know how I feel about it. I definitely feel like it is working, I just need to start eating better.

So that was just quick little blurp on my life after P90x

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

The Abs diet

So I finally got my Abs Diet book, I am super psyched to start using it and applying it. But before I get into that, I did a hike on friday, Jeff and my friend Brettany and I went on a hike to poo poo point. I really enjoy hiking, but man...I had a really hard time getting up that mountain, I have done it around 10 times but for some reason I just had an off day. I still made it to the top in normal time, but I really struggled. Went I got to the first landing I almost passed out, but I pushed on and fought the dizziness and I made it to the very top. So that is all i did during the weekend. I attended a birthday on Saturday and then had church and softball practice on Sunday. I also took it easy on Monday, but Yesterday I wanted to start with my new abdominal routines.

So I started reading the Abs Diet Book and it is pretty good, very good writing, and great information. I am learning a lot about the dangers of mid-section fat and how to target my Abs so I can lose that mid-section fat, so I began focusing on a few workouts to target each part of my abdominal region, upper, lower and obliques. I also did around 70 push ups...not at once. I will probably start back up on the ChaLean Extreme workout next week.