Wednesday, April 01, 2009

The Abs diet

So I finally got my Abs Diet book, I am super psyched to start using it and applying it. But before I get into that, I did a hike on friday, Jeff and my friend Brettany and I went on a hike to poo poo point. I really enjoy hiking, but man...I had a really hard time getting up that mountain, I have done it around 10 times but for some reason I just had an off day. I still made it to the top in normal time, but I really struggled. Went I got to the first landing I almost passed out, but I pushed on and fought the dizziness and I made it to the very top. So that is all i did during the weekend. I attended a birthday on Saturday and then had church and softball practice on Sunday. I also took it easy on Monday, but Yesterday I wanted to start with my new abdominal routines.

So I started reading the Abs Diet Book and it is pretty good, very good writing, and great information. I am learning a lot about the dangers of mid-section fat and how to target my Abs so I can lose that mid-section fat, so I began focusing on a few workouts to target each part of my abdominal region, upper, lower and obliques. I also did around 70 push ups...not at once. I will probably start back up on the ChaLean Extreme workout next week.

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