Thursday, March 26, 2009

The upper body grind

Yesterday was a great day, I had a great day at work and then I went to the gym and lifted weights and played racquetball. I have been learning to go until my muscles fail with every workout. If I can do one more than I need to try to do two more, once I can't do anymore pull ups or anymore bicep curls, then I know I am done. It makes me more sore the next day, but I am going to see more results the harder I push myself. So yesterday I lifted with Jeff, and we did back and biceps. We did about four workouts on the back and about four workouts for the biceps, we also did some abdominal workouts. It was a tough workout, but it felt great.

I feel like my workouts are complimenting my new diet very well. I am doing a lot of upper body workouts and a lot of abdominal workouts. And since I am doing the Men's Health Abs Diet, it has been going very well. I hope to start seeing results within the first week. I also bought the Abs Diet book, so that should help me a lot.

After the workouts, we decided that we wanted to get some cardio in, but instead of running we played racquetball, and usually I at least win one game, but yesterday i lost both games, it was a huge bummer. I do not like losing. I am not sure if I will be able to fit in a workout today, but I do need to start doing more cardio again. Hopefully my tv gets fixed soon so I can start up my Chalean Extreme workout again. I am glad I did not make a bet like I did with my P90x workout, because if I made the same bet with the ChaLean Extreme workout then I would probably be shaving my legs right now.

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