Thursday, March 12, 2009

My new dedication!!

So I recently finished the P90x Workout and I absolutely loved it!!, I am in the best shape I have ever been in and I have a new passion for just working out in general. Since I am done with the Px90 routine, I have decided to go back to the gym to keep up on my workouts and to switch them up a little bit. I have a few friends I workout with usually on different days. There is Steven, who I do weight lifting and running. Derek who is my main running partner, the guy can run for days!! Then there is Jeff who I do lifting, abs and racquetball with. Each one of these friends are better than me at every workout, Steven is a better lifter than me, Derek is a better runner than me, and Jeff is a better weight lifter than me, but right now I am beating him in racquetball games 4 to 2, so I do got that. It is a lot of fun though, I get to workout with my friends and have a great time, and be competitive with it at the same time. We all play on the same softball team too, so all you other teams better beware!!

Yesterday, I worked out with Steven and we did Back and Biceps, we did four back exercises and then four Biceps exercises. Than after that we both met up with Derek and ran for a couple miles. The workouts went really well, we usually do the standard 3 sets of 10 and sometimes increasing the weight as we go. We focus on the whole back, doing lower and upper body workouts. It is nice focusing on a certain part of your body because you can really start to feel your muscles work. We did a few different biceps curls, some of them were new and we are not sure if we really liked them, so we are still trying things out, but my biceps do feel like they were about to explode. Overall, it was a great workout, I did struggle with running, but I am pretty sure it was because I biked for three miles and ran a little before Steven even got there. See you tomorrow.

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