Friday, February 22, 2008

Hip Hop Abs Energy Smoothie

I woke up today thinking, I need to go get a smoothie for breakfast, I did and I feel great. I love having smoothies for breakfast they taste great, they fill you up, and it is just a great way to get energy to start off the day. I also love berries, and this smoothie has berries. This is a Hip Hop Abs Berry Energy Smoothie. This is great to give you energy for your Hip Hop Abs routine

Hip Hop Abs Berry Energy Smoothie
1 scoop Whey Protein Powder
3/4 cup mixed berries (blackberry, boysenberry, blueberry, etc.)
4 oz. water, or lite soy or skim milk

mix in blender with a scoop of ice

Pretty darn simple, only takes a few minutes

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