Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Px90 fit test

Before you start the Px90 workout routine, it is smart to take the Px90 fit test before you begin your 90 day workout. You'll need to know where your current fitness level is to see if you are adequate for the workout. It is best to do the Px90 fit test a few days before your official start date, it takes 40 minutes to complete.
Things you will need:
Heart rate monitor, Body fat tester, tape measure, scale, partner to help record data, chin-up bar, timer, towel, water

The Px90 Fit Test: (Do in order given)

Take your heart rate- Find your pulse and count how many beats there are in 30 seconds, tan multiply by 2

Warm up- Take 10 minutes to warm up, march in place, jumping jacks, jog in place and do this until you build a light sweat, then stretch out lightly.

Pull ups- Hold onto chin up bar with wide grip and palms facing forward (Away from your body) Do as many as you can, until failure. If you can only do 1/4, 1/2 or 3/4 of a pull up g ahead and record it anyway.
Rest 1 minute

Vertical Leap- Stand against wall with arm vertical and record that height. Then drop arm take one step and jump trying to touch as high on the wall as you can. Record the height.
Rest 4 minutes

Push ups- Record the number of push up you can do until failure.
Rest 4 mintues

Toe touch- Sit on floor with legs directly in front of you, try to touch toes without bending your knees. Record how far away or past you are from the toes. Do not strain yourself.
Rest 4 minutes

Wall Squat- Sit against wall without chair, think 90 degree angle, record how long you can hold that position.
Rest 4 minutes

Bicep Curl- Think of a weight that you would max out on for a 10-15 rep, choose that weight. Then perform a bicep curl. Record number of completed reps and weight used.
Rest 3 minutes

In & outs- Seated with hands on the floor at your sides, knees bent with feet on the floor. Raise feet off the ground and bring knees in towards your chest. Straighten legs back out and repeat movement without touching floor. record number of in and outs performed.
Rest 4 minutes

Heart rate maximizer- Perform jumping jacks for 2 minutes, at the last 30 seconds go as fast as you can. Monitor heart rate over a span of 4 minutes, you should be able to stand and breathe.

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