Monday, January 14, 2008

P90x Plus

So I know I already told you a little bit about P90x + but I wanted to go a little bit more in depth. P90x plus has amped up the muscle confusion so that you can continue to see results in your P90x workouts. It has some great new music and some wonderful routines to keep your body at its peak. There are five new workouts, Interval X Plus, Kenpo Cardio Plus, Upper Plus, Total Body Plus, and Abs/Core Plus.

Interval X Plus: This is not your standard cardio workout, this workout will propel you heart rate up and down with three different speeds. Recovery, medium and full-out will create dramatic changes in the shortest period of time. 40 Minutes

Kenpo Cardio Plus: This workout includes new moves that will continue to attack that stubborn fat the tries to stick around. You will also continue to learn self-defense moves that will build stamina, balance and agility. 40 minutes

Upper Plus: So this workout challenges what it says, the Upper body. Everything above the hips will be involved in this workout. Chest, back, biceps, triceps, and shoulders, in a complete synergistic P90X plus workout. This workout will challenge you so much you won't even be able to pick up your sandwich to eat it. 45 minutes

Total Body Plus: There is not much do describe this workout, only that after doing this total body workout, you will know why this routine is so good. You will have nothing left after this workout. Enjoy!

Abs/Core Plus: This new ab/core workout has 4 different positions (hanging, sitting, standing, and plank positions) to intensify the effectiveness to your abs and core. If you think a 6 pack is good, just wait to see how many packs you can get.


Anonymous said...

How do I mix in the P90X Plus workouts with my regular P90X routine to get the best resutls with all 3 version of P90X. THe Lean, Classic, and Doubles? Is there a page someplace on the net that outlines the right mix or does this chart come with the new P90X Plus?

Mike Hillman said...

I am not doing P90X+, but I was looking into it and I found out that it does mix in the original P90X workouts. Here's a look at the schedule: