Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Px90 Back and Biceps

I want to continue to post on the Px90 workouts, and give you a little insight on what type of workouts you will be doing in the Px90 workout system. So today I am going to wirte about the Px90 Back and Biceps, the one that everyone loves. So here are a few moves from this Px90 workout routine.

Px90 Lawnmower:
In a side lunge position, rest left arm on left knee and pull weight with right hand from floor, straight up to waist. Perform desired re count, then immediately repeat on other side.

Px90 Static Arm Curl (16 reps):
Hold one arm static at 90 degrees while your other arm does 4 reps. Switch arms and repeat. Go back to the original side and repeat. Then switch again to perform the last 4

Band move: Straddle band with both feet and perform movement above. To increase tension, spread feet wider out on band.

Px90 Superman:
Lying on stomach, extend legs and arms straight out in front. Try to get as much of body off the ground as possible. Heels and thumbs are skyward, arms and legs as straight as possible. Tilt head down slightly, keeping spine straight.

So I hope you enjoy these pX90 workouts.

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