Thursday, January 17, 2008

P90x equipment

So you can do the P90x workout routine with just the basic stuff, but if you really want to challenge yourself, you can go all out and get some of the gear that will increase your workout effectiveness. First there are two types of push up stands that you can choose from. The basic one are the P90x push up stands, they are great for a more wide range of motion, so you can really get deep. The more advance ones are called the P90x Powerstands Push up Bars, they both have the same affect, but the Powerstands have a wider base for a safer push up. Another piece of equipment that you will want is a P90x chin up bar, you can use the resistance bands but sometimes they are awkward and a real chin up is just better. Speaking of resistance bands, P90x has a wide variety and they really do go great with the workouts, some people like the resistance bands but other people like the dumbbells, personally I like both. There are some workouts where the resistance bands work better, but there are also other workouts where the dumbbells work better. Another nice little tool is the body fat monitor, it is always great to see your progress, and you might not be losing weight, but you can still be losing body fat. P90x also offers a drink powder and multi-vitamins. The powder is great, it's called P90x Peak Recovery drink and it is orange cream flavor, and to be completely honest with you, it tastes really good, I was surprised. The P90x multi-vitamins are great to give your body the nutrients it needs to say refresh and energize your body.

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