Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Hip Hop abs

With your Hip Hop Abs DVDs, you will get a few things that will help you and guide you to achieve the best results. I want to write about the Hip Hop Abs 6 Steps to transform your body.
1. Control your portions: Don't eat until you are full; eat until you're not hungry.

2. Pay Attention to everything you eat: Fresh veggies, lean meats, and foods lower in fat and higher in fiber are the basis of our nutrition guide

3. Consistent 5x-a-day eating schedule: IMPORTANT! Stick to the schedule so you do not get hungry and overeat, and so your body has enough fuel to rebuild after exercise.

4. Hydrate and Cleanse your body body by drinking water: Your body is sround 70% water. Drink at least 2 liters (8glasses) per day

5. Fortify your diet with a multivitamin: An exceptional multivitamin ensures that you get all the nutrients you need when cutting calories.

6: Refrain from eating at the wrong times: When you work out and especially when you sleep, you want your body to be in "fat-burning mode."

So these are 6 great steps from Hip Hop Abs

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Young Adults said...

Alright instead of candy bars I will give you a p90x nutrition fat burning, carb lowering, energy fueling, mass building,carrot flavored wheat bar. Congratulations