Friday, January 30, 2009

P90x Reviews - Chest, Shoulders and Triceps

In my last P90x Reviews, I wrote about P90x Kenpo X, in that review I mentioned that it was probably the weakest workout of the whole P90x System, and I still stand by that remark. But now I am writing about P90x Chest, Shoulders and Triceps, and let me tell you, it is a whole new story. Where I did not feel challenged enough in the Kenpo workout, I felt pushed beyond my comfort in the Chest, Shoulders and Triceps routine. I have done a lot of push-ups in my life, and mostly I have done the just normal ones, like wide, standard, military, and even diamond push-ups. When I did those push ups in the past I usually just try to pump out as many as possible till I cannot do any more. It was different in this P90x workout, Tony has you do slow motion push-ups, which is just torture for my mind and body, because it wants to go fast, just like Ricky Bobby from the Talladega Nights movie. Doing slow motion push-ups was like a culture shock to my body, but even more on my mind. I found myself exhausted after the first P90x exercise, and that has not happened to me at all, ever. Sometimes they even mix in slow motion push ups with fast motion push-ups, or in my case slightly faster than slow motion push-ups. But Like a trooper I pressed on and made it through the workout.

The P90x Chest, Shoulders and Triceps workout is 55 minutes and 44 seconds long, it is an extreme upper body workout and you will not be disappointed when you finish this workout, if you do you should up all your weights and do more push-ups. This routine will provide you with a mixture of muscles pumping moves that will target new muscles so you can build your strength and definition. In this P90x routine you will mostly be doing push-ups, triceps kickbacks, dips, and flys, making sure that you hit ever part of your upper body. No muscle gets left behind!!

You will probably encounter workouts that you have never done before like Two-Twitched speed Push-ups, and then you will do some of the old and faithful workouts like Chair Dips and Overhead Triceps Extensions. You will pretty much do everything in this workout and that is why the P90x exercises are so great. They bring so much to the table; it is like a feast on Thanksgiving, because there is such a wide variety of food or exercises that you can feed on.

At times you will probably use weights or bands during this workout, I found it more comfortable to use dumbbells for most of the exercises in this routine. But you can do whatever you feel like, I know dumbbells are pretty expensive, so resistance bands will probably be the way to go, and they work just as well, maybe even better. Just make sure you go at it with all you got and do not give up.


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