Wednesday, January 28, 2009

P90x Reviews - Kenpo X

Today my review is on the P90x Kenpo X workout routine, this is one of the cardiovascular workouts for P90x. To give you a little history of what Kenpo actually is, it was created by a man named Ed Parker Sr. and he founded Kenpo after he was exposed to a wide variety of martial arts around the world. He brought a new concept to American fighting, using your whole body as a weapon in every motion, nothing is wasted. P90x decided to bring this into the system for it intensity, balance, coordination, stamina and of course fun.

With my own experience with P90x Kenpo X, it was okay for the first few times I did it, but I felt with this workout that it was definitely the weakest of the whole p90x system. Now it is still a lot of fun, I mean you are punching, throwing elbows and knees, and kicking, you feel like you can kick someone's butt afterward, but if you are already a cardiovascular type person, this workout might not get your heart rate up like you want it too. I will say this, the great thing about this workout is that it brings a different flavor or a nice change from all the other workout routines.

The workout itself starts with some nice little stretches, so you can get the tendons and joints all warmed up before you being the next section. It is very important with this P90x home workout that you do not fully extend with your punches and kicks, because you do not want to be banging your joints, you can get injured that way. It is also very important to know if you are doing too much on your hamstrings so do not try to kick so high that you tear your hamstring apart. The first exercise you will do is called Twist and Pivot, in this exercise you will stand in a fighting position, but you will just be turning your torso, and pivoting on your feet, you should feel your hips exploding like you are swinging a bat. After this exercise you will begin to do a series of exercises that have you do hooks, uppercuts, and jabs. It might take a little bit to get used the motion of it all, but once you get it, go after it with all you got, so you can get your heart rate up. My favorite routine in this workout is called the knee kick. You being in fighter's stance, you then reach out like you are grabbing someone by the collar pulling them down, and at the same time you are bringing your knee up. It is pretty much like you are bringing someone's face to meet your knee.

Even though I thought this was the weakest workout that p90x has to offer, I still feel like out of all my P90x reviews, I had the most fun with this Kenpo X.

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