Monday, January 19, 2009

P90x Reviews - Shoulders and Arms

The P90x Shoulders and Arms routine focus obviously on your shoulders, biceps, and triceps. They are what people like to call the glamour muscles. So if you are serious about wanting defined and strong arms than you do not want to take this exercise for granite. In this p90x workout you will need either dumbbells or p90x resistance bands. Personally I like having both, there are some workouts that are more comfortable with dumbbells and you can keep better form, but then there are some workouts where I think you get a better workout from the bands, just go with what ever you feel comfortable and what you feel you can get the most out of.

Before you start this workout, there is about 10 minutes of warming up, this part is very important because you do not want to inure you arms or your shoulders, especially your shoulders. So make sure you do all the stretches and work out that rotator cuff till it is good a ready. Tony Horton will explain to how the workout is going to happen. You pretty much rotate from the shoulders, biceps and triceps, in that order, over and over again till the end of the workout. Once you complete a section, you do it over again. There are some pretty great workouts in this P90x routine. I use the resistance bands more than I use the dumbbells. Any workouts that are for the biceps I like to use the bands because you can adjust them by standing on them to get more resistance, plus the resistance is heavier than any dumbbells I own. I do like to use the dumbbells if I am working out the triceps. I feel that I can control the dumbbells more and keep better form. The p90x resistance bands also work great for the shoulder exercises.

A few of my favorite workouts include the p90x resistance bands, one of them is called the deep swimmers press, and it works out your shoulders. With one-foot forward and one-foot back and the back foot stepping on the band, start with your hands by your waist and then push up with your arms stretched high, and then do it again. That is one of my favorites for the shoulders. One of my favorite exercises for the biceps is called the one arm isolation curl. With one arm you hold in isolation with tension, and then the other arm does four curls and then switch arms, make sure you never lose tension. Like I said earlier this is a great workout and out of all of my P90x reviews, I feel that this workout is one of the best. Especially if you push yourself.

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RaPaLa said...

Which bands are you using for your p90x workouts. Are they p90x bands super (20lb to 40lb) or p90x extreme bands 40 to 50 lbs.