Friday, January 23, 2009

P90x Reviews - Legs and Back

Alright, so with the P90x Legs and Back routine, you are going to be obviously working out the legs, and at least with me I can usually do a heavier workout on my legs. When I went to the gym I was able to lift a lot and continue to go on and on, and work out for about a whole hour. So I thought this should not be to bad, it should at least be my strongest workout. Technically, this is my strongest workout, but I was surprised on how much this P90x challenged me, without hardly any weight lifting.

You will start off by doing the normal warm ups and stretching you do in almost every p90x exercise. After the warm ups and the stretching are done, hold on, because you are about to do 23 different legs and back exercises. Just to let you know, you will be doing a lot of lunges and squats, and then once in awhile they throw in pull ups , so you can work out your back.

There really are some challenging works in this routine, I do not know if you have ever done lunges and squats for hour but it is hard, and besides that there are these lovely exercises called wall squats which is really what this P90x review is for. I was doing this workout the other day and one of my roommates were just about to leave and saw me doing a wall squat, and apparently i did not look to happy, because they thought I was mad at something. Truthfully, I was mad, I hate doing wall squats because they hurt so bad, it has been my least favorite leg exercise ever since I was a little kid and we had to do it in P.E.. I do have to admit, it is a great workout and probably the most challenging exercise in the P90x Legs and Back routine. The first wall squat you do is 90 seconds long, for 15 seconds you sit just above 90 degrees, and then you sit below 90 degrees for 15 seconds. You do that for the whole 90 seconds. If that is not hard enough for you, do not worry the second wall squat routine is single legged. This is 60 seconds long, you sit at a 90 degree angle and then you lift a leg off the ground for 10 seconds, and then you switch legs. You will absolutely love when you switch legs.

This is a great workout and you should enjoy it very much.

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