Friday, February 06, 2009

P90x Reviews - Back and Biceps

Today's Review in on the P90x Back and Biceps routine, this routine is about 52 minutes long, so it is actually one of the shorter workouts that you will be doing. The great thing about this workout is that you can use it to get size or you can use it to get toned. So if you do not want size or if you are a lady that is using the p90x program, you can just lighten the load and do more reps, so you can get that nice toned look.

Before you being this workout, you should know that this is a "no repeat" workout. Which is nice because you will be doing something different the whole time. It keeps it interesting. That also mean, and Tony Horton will explain this, is that your last 3 reps should be difficult to do. So make sure you find a weight that gives you the best workout, and do not be afraid to switch out weights either. if you are looking for size you want to focus in getting around eight to ten reps, if you want to get toned then you should go for a weight that you do 12 - 15 reps. To do this workout properly you need a chin up bar or resistance bands with the upgrade kit, and dumbbells. Keep in mind that you can use resistance bands as a substitute for dumbbells or a chin up bar if you have the upgrade kit.

There are a couple of workouts that I want to focus on from the P90x Back and Biceps routine. For the most part this workout consists of pulls ups and curls, but there are some very different pull ups that I personally have never done. One of them is called a Corn Cob Pull-up. You use a wide grip over hand position, you pull yourself up and then slide to your right hand and then slide to your left hand,you then come to the center and push yourself away from the bar and then back to center. Performing the move is as difficult as explaining it, but it works great. There is also another pull up called a Towel Pull-up. Put one hand on the bar and with the other hand you grasp a towel that is wrapped around the bar, you then precede to do normal pull ups and then switch hands ever three pull ups. It definitely works out your muscles in a different way.

There are some great workouts in this p90x routine. This was one of my favorite workouts that I did. You really feel how much work your biceps got from the routine after you are done.

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