Thursday, February 12, 2009

P90x Reviews - Core Synergistics

The P90x Core Synergistics workout is unlike any other workout I have ever done. It challenged me and my muscles in a very different and very affective way. This workout is 57 minutes and 27 seconds long, so it almost goes for a good hour. It is a total body workout, although you will probably feel it most in your abdominal section the next day. This P90x workout focuses mostly on developing the muscles around your waistline and your lower back, which is also know as your core muscles. but you will also be challenged in your flexibility, balance, and strength. The reason why there is such a huge hype about your core muscles is because they are the supporting muscles. Those muscles support your back, and spine, if you develop those muscles you can prevent injury while working out, and injuries in the future. You will also be challenged mentally, because the moves that you do in this workout, are not necessarily hard to do, but you will find yourself sweating and becoming exhausted because the exercises are just so different.

There is not to much stretching in the beginning of this workout like other P90x workouts, but they do start off with marching in place, running in place, jumping jacks, run lunges, and then Tony does some legs stretches to finish it the warm up off. The P90x Core Synergistics workouts has some different type of push ups for you, I am not gonna go into detail on how to perform these push ups, but they target different type of muscles than your more popular push ups. The Prison Cell push ups will give you a great workout and will definitely tire you out. Another exercise is call Plank to Chaturanga Run, it is like doing mountain climbers, but then you drop down so your chest is barley off the ground and continue running. It is very difficult but fun to do. There are also some very challenging lunges in this workout. Towards the end when you are tired and sweating, they have you do an exercises called Lunge Kickback Curl Press. You do 20 reps, and if this does not get your heart pumping and the sweat just dripping out of your body then you are probably doing it wrong. The reason why it is so affective is because you have to do it for so long, but it is great. There are 20 great workouts in this p90x routine, and there is even a bonus round if you want to do 3 more minutes of pressing. So enjoy this workout.

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