Tuesday, November 20, 2007

A P90x mistake

Okay, so it wasn't a P90x mistake, it was more my mistake. Since we decided we didn't really like P90x Yoga, we were going to do something different, like X Stretch or some other activity. But we all ended up just working the whole day and we didn't do anything for P90x, so we officially missed a day. Sorry

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ace said...

Just a thought on the P90X yoga. The yoga routine is probably the most important but overlooked routine in the set. Probably because the benefits aren't immediately obvious. There is a definite symmetry to the P90X routine and the workouts are sequenced accordingly. The yoga workout, while challenging provides both active recovery and a "toxin" release which will aid in relieving sore muscles. StretchX is more soothing, but does not use the deeper postures which literally wring waste products (natural from intense workouts) from your system.

You also get an increased range of motion from YogaX which assist in creating more powerful muscle contractions which leads to enhanced muscular development. Just some thoughts. Good luck.