Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Losing Weight For Women

If you are a women, you pretty much know where your body gains fat. You can look in the mirror and point out every flaw that you have, although everyone is their own worst critic. But for the most part, women usually gain weight in their lower abs and thighs. Unfortunately for women as you get older, flabby arms start to become a problem too.

So how do you attack those areas of opposition? What type of game plan should you have so you can defeat the enemy of stubborn fat? First, you need to change the way you eat. There are certain foods that you can be eating that will help your body not hold onto fat. Foods that have whole wheat and whole grains are great to eat because they can actually help flatten your stomach if you eat the right portions and balanced portions. I know most of us do not like to hear this, but we need to watch what we eat, it is the most important aspect to losing weight. Lean meats, fish, chicken, vegetables, fruits, nuts, non fat dairy, are all things that we should be incorporating into our diets. Ladies, no more late night snacking or eating your feelings.

Next, you need to start up a workout plan, it can be something simple to start off with. Walking a couple miles is a good start, but as you start getting in better shape, you will need to up your workouts. Start running, bicycling, rowing, dancing, or you can even do some weight lifting. Do not be afraid of bulking up, because there are ways you can lift weights that promote lean muscle mass instead of bulkiness.

If you follow these two steps then you should have no problem in staying or getting in shape. If you have some trouble figuring out what type of workouts or nutrition plan you should do. Then check out Slim in 6 or Chalean Extreme. They are both great workouts, plus have wonderful nutrition plans.

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