Thursday, September 10, 2009

Cigarettes Suck!!

If you are addicted to smoking, you know that quitting is not easy. Chances are you have tried before. Some times it takes multiple attempts before you can successfully quit smoking. It is important to realize that as with any addiction, the more you refrain from smoking, the easier it will be. The most difficult time is in the first two weeks. Once you can abstain from smoking for two weeks chances of permanent success are great. You might find that speaking with your health care provider is the best way to begin quitting. Your health care provider might determine that the best course of treatment is a prescription method to help fight cravings.

The benefits for quitting smoking are vast and if you are on a diet and exercise program while smoking you are causing serious damage to your body. By quitting smoking you will increase oxygen production and derive more benefits throughout your workouts. Smoking also robs the body of vital nutrients, particularly vitamin C, and can cause premature aging. Though many are concerned that if they quit smoking they will gain additional weight, it is better to gain a few pounds that can be burned off through exercise, then to suffer from lung cancer. If you want to live a truly healthy life, you have to quit smoking. Smoking has no place in a healthy lifestyle.

Smoking is a physical addiction and your body will crave nicotine until you get passed the first several weeks. Avoiding situations where you know people will be smoking is important and can reduce the amount of temptations you are surrounded by. Preparing for temptations and craving is an important aspect of getting through the first two weeks. Keeping the hands busy can help you resist the urge to smoke. Most people do not realize this but the hand motion of smoking, bringing the cigarette to you mouth, is also a very hard habit to break.

So if you have a hobby, consider spending more time to your hobby. If you do not have one, then now is a great time to begin one. Activities such as carpentry, building projects, gardening, knitting, crocheting, sewing, playing sports, baking, scrap booking, or playing an instrument can occupy your mind and help you resist cravings. Understand, we are people of habit, if you are a smoker you probably smoke after certain enjoyable events, like eating food; many people are in the habit of smoking after a big meal. Habits can be broken with discipline and hard work, and new good habits can be made.

When you feel as though temptations are strong, try taking a brisk walk. Breathe deeply and remind yourself that you are enjoying fresh, clean air in your lungs. Since you might become more irritable or anxious, try adding several yoga workouts to your routine. Yoga can help fight cravings, reduce stress and tension, and relax your body. The breathing techniques can be performed anywhere and will help you overcome the urge to smoke. Smoking makes it hard to workout anyways, it does not help the cause of helping your body to get in shape. If you are looking into doing a a Tony Horton workout or the Insanity workout than you are definitely going to want to quit smoking

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