Saturday, September 12, 2009

Getting ready for Insanity

So I have to admit I am a little nervous to start the Insanity workout, it is very important to me that I hit this workout head on. It is kind of one of those feelings where I really don't know what I am getting myself into, but I believe I can do it, and I am excited to see the results that I will get from the Insanity workouts. Cardio is something that I have been wanting to do more of, especially adding more cardio to compliment my weight lifting routines. I hope my ankle feels good enough to start on Monday, I will probably risk it anyways. I went and got a little brace for it today, so hopefully that helps the healing process.

But mark the calendar on 09/14/09 is when I start the ChaLean Extreme and Shaun T insanity workout

Insanity Workout

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