Monday, June 02, 2008

Tony Horton and the Ten Minute Trainer

So You have probably heard of the new crazy workout put out by Tony Horton, it is called 10 minute trainer. Well now 10 minute trainer is for everyone. There are now five different ways you can go with the 10 minute trainer. They have Ten minute trainer heavy resistance, Ten Minute Trainer medium resistance, heavy resistance upgrade kit, medium resistance upgrade kit, and the Ten minute trainer Deluxe, which comes with three different resistance bands. So what ever shape you are in, there is a ten minute trainer for you.

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Workout said...

Tony horton programmes are great. I tried ordering from beachbody and after waiting 5 business days i am being told it may be another week. Somehow they are short on supply. Come on you launch infomercials on tv and you do not have the product . give me a break