Saturday, August 20, 2005

Mystic Lake

We were really bored one day, so we decided to make a video, Brian Waren and I are the filmers and actors, David Waren did all the text and graphics. No people were hurt in the making of this film. PG-13 for violence.

Click here to watch video


Sabrina said...

That was incredible. That totally looked like a real movie trailer, just without professional cameras!!! I loved it.

mamaruths said...

as your mother i find it rather disturbing and deranging.
although i love your creativity,

Christian said...

Disturbing: Yes
Funny: Yes

You should do a new video every week! One of these days we will have a hit on our hands and I will be rich! I mean, wow, you could make alot of money from your humor, and then I WILL BE RICH!!! I mean, you know who your friends are. Who loves you baby!

Matt and Melody said...

You guys are rad!