Sunday, July 24, 2005

My new pride and joy

this is an audio post - click to play


Christian said...

So when are you going to start podcasting?

BS Video said...

Very soon, but I don't know what podcasting is.

But I need to ask you a question, if I wanted to put video on my blogger, how would I do that?

Christian said...

Go to

Podcasting is like what you are doing on the phone post, but you can record longer, play music or do an interview of some comedy.

vlogging is just taking off. Do you have some video on your computer? I think that you need to get that old school Freestyle walking video online. Also can I get an mp3 of you playing that cool synth, the FSW soundtrack stuff?

Sabrina said...

Uhhhh...I am close to winning the coolest Stratton. I would win the CORNIEST Stratton by a landslide. This I am positive off.

Anonymous said...

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