Wednesday, July 27, 2005

I have a dream

I have a dream that some day my Blogger will have video footage
I have a dream that all boy and girls will find my videos clever and hilarious
I have a dream that some day I will be smart like Chris Burns to figure out
I have a dream that Sabrina will stop voting for herself on my poll
I have a dream that some day I will be cooler than Mike Stratton

Hopefully some day I will have video that all of you can check out, that was one of the main reasons why I wanted a blogger

And I want to say congratulations to Matthew and Sabrina for their new home, I love ya'll


Jim and Tammie said...

You are funny I must say!!!

Sabrina said...

I only voted for myself once, so 5 other people out there think I am the there! How many times did you vote for yourself???

BS Video said...

Sabrina, your split personalities don't count as other people, and I have voted for myself quite often, but I have voted for everyone, mike the most. Just wait for my next poll, it will be about who the corniest stratton is. We will see who people think the corniest stratton is!!!

Christian said...

Your mission Steve, is to make a short video that is funny, and get it onto your computer. Let me know when you have accomplished it.

BS Video said...

I already have one on my computer