Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Running Form Tips

So if you are not an expert runner, there are going to be some keys you need to know before you start running your little butt off. Why is a correct running form important? Why can't you just run your little heart out? Well, there are a few big reasons why and if you read on those questions will be answered.

The reason it is important to have correct running form is because you can save yourself a lot of uncomfortable pain. Your body will ache regardless if you run correctly or not, but soreness is not the same as pain. Running correctly will save you from pain, pain in your shoulders, back, and legs. Another reason why correct running form is important is because you will want to maximize your results. Yes, if you running correctly you can actually hurt your chances of getting the most out of your workout.

Here are 3 tips to run correctly:

Keep your head up! Keeping your head up will cause the rest of your body to fall into line; it will align your torso, which will keep you from slouching over and experiencing back pains. Always look ahead, look to the horizon.

Keep your shoulders loose! You do not want tense shoulders. You will find after running for a little while that your shoulders will naturally want to rise up to your ears, do not let them do that, whenever you feel some tension in your shoulders, shake them loose.

Get the right shoes! People have different size arches, and guess what? Shoe companies make shoes that are specifically designed to fit your type of foot. The right shoe will help align your lower body and prevent you from over pronating.

Have fun running.

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