Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Chin up bar workouts

Chin-up are great way to tone and strengthen your forearms and upper arms. The use of a chin-up bar is the most efficient way to perform chin-ups. You may also hear the term pull up which is incorrectly referred to chin-up. A pull up is performed using a pronated grip and a chin-up is used with a supinated grip which means your palms are facing the one performing the exercise. To perform a chin-up you must extend your arms above your head gripping the bar with a supinated grip. You then pull your body up until you approach or touch the bar with the upper chest. Then you lower your weight until the arms are straight and you repeat as many times as you are able to do.

When performing the chin-up correctly with the use of a chin-up bar you will get a workout to your biceps and lats and to your shoulder blades. It is most effective when you lower your body down to a full extension and then proceed as outlined above.

Chin-ups takes amazing strength. If you cannot perform chin-ups, you may work your way towards doing this by using a step or chair underneath you. There are other variations to help you perform in arising to excellence in chin-ups. They are as follows:

A mixed grip which is one hand over and one hand under to perform chin-ups and then reverse your grip so you achieve muscle symmetry.

A towel grip consists of throwing a strong gym towel over the bar and grip your palms facing each other. This will work the side of your arms and forearms.

When you are feeling really strong you can try to perform the one arm chin-up which is doing them one handed. Now that is strength!

A flexed hang chin-up is also another exercise that requires strength. This is performed by holding your weight for as long as you can over the bar in any grip you prefer.

You will tone your abdominal muscles through performing chin-ups. To pull up your weight takes a lot of abdominal strength. You definitely will feel the benefits of this the next day.

You can also strengthen other muscles in your body using your chin-up bar. You can do hanging knee raises which require you to hang on to the bar and let your body drop. Then raise our knees up to your chest as many times as you are able to. Repeat as you can.

The hanging leg raise can be performed like the hanging knee raise by straightening our legs and raise them as high as you can, hold for a few seconds for an added benefit.

The last exercise you can utilize with the chin-up bar would be side to side raises. Using your knees and legs raising from side to side focusing on your oblique muscles.

A chin-up bar is incredible for your personal physique. They are affordable and very easy to assemble. The ultimate place to put one is most door frames. You must purchase one today!
The P90x workout is a in home workout program that uses the Chin up bar in a great way. If you do not like using the Chin up bar, then the Insanity workout uses no equipment at all, it's all cardio!

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