Thursday, November 06, 2008

P90x Reviews - Chest and Back

P90x Chest and Back is the first workout you will be doing in your P90x workout routine.  The workout takes around 53 minutes, but right after you are done do not get to comfortable because P90x Ab Ripper is right after it.  This workout is a good way to start,  it works out two of the largest set of group muscles you have in your body right away, so it gives you a good outlook on how the rest of the DVD's are going to be like.  You will definitely struggle during this workout.  It is designed to push you to your limits, so if you feel queasy afterward don't worry because it is pretty normal.  During this P90x chest and back workout, you will have to do a variety of push-ups.  It is very important that you learn the proper way to do these push-ups so you can avoid injury.  It is crucial when doing a push-up you flex your Glute muscles(aka butt muscles), tighten your abs, and make sure to keep your head and neck aligned with your spine.  Always try to perform as many reps as possible with correct form.  With this work out, you will also need a P90x chin up bar and/or resistance bands.  I like to have both, it is just way more convenient to have both.  There are 12 different workouts in the session, I know it does not seem like a lot, but trust me you are going to want to pace yourself, because you will literally be doing push ups and pulls up for almost an hour, and you will be surprised how long an hour can feel.  But rewards are great, so go for it and do not give up.

For more info about P90x workout as a whole, you can read my post on it!


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